Vulture Kitty Wants Your Milk

There’s nothing quite like the glare from an annoyed cat. Or one that wants to steal the milk from your bowl of cereal.

Vulture Kitty

Vulture Kitty is Watching You

Lately, our 14-year-old cat, named Frito, seems to enjoy imitating a famous comic-strip beagle, who in turn liked to imitate a vulture.

It used to be that Frito would pad quietly into the kitchen at the first sound of cereal clinking into a bowl. He used to look up at me, widen his eyes, and mew softly.

It was as if he were saying in his best British accent,  “Please sir, would you kindly share your milk?”

It’s true, he can mew like a character from a work by Charles Dickens. Accent and all.

But these days, he just perches on the end of the couch and harnesses his inner “Snoopy.”

Can’t blame him. It works. Even if it kinda creeps me out.


Feline Loyalty

It’s been a tough Spring for my youngest son. He’s suffering from another cold. Yesterday, he spent much of the day on the couch resting.

Certainly, I felt bad for the little guy. Even his big brother was concerned.

But it was the cat that surprised all of us. After Danny was born, we carefully introduced him to our cats. Oreo took one sniff, hissed, and ran away. Not exactly an auspicious beginning to a relationship between a boy and a pet. However, in the past few months Oreo has become quite fond of Danny.

Yesterday, she jumped on the couch, settled next to the sick little guy, and wrapped her tail around him.

Oreo purred. Danny smiled.

More later. Sleep now.

It was a productive afternoon and an excellent evening. I held my formal campaign announcement and first fundraiser tonight. It was a successful event, and I plan to write more about that experience.

But I’m exhausted, and the cat is staring at me. She’s kind of glaring at me with only one eye partially open. Frankly, it’s a bit creepy.

Go to sleep will ya'

Guess I’ll call it a night and write more tomorrow.

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