Today’s the Day…

… to enjoy a slice of Pi.

Cherry Pi. Pumpkin Pi. Peach Pi. Banana Cream Pi. Raspberry Pi. Pecan Pi. Blueberry Pi. Apple Pi. Key Lime Pi. Rhubarb Pi. Lemon Meringue Pi.

They all sound pretty good.

Well… maybe not one of those crazy British meat pi’s. Not sure about those.

Mmmmm. Chocolate Pi.

Mmmmm. Chocolate Pi.

Just remember: cake are squared, pi are round. Or something like that.

Happy Pi Day!


Birthday Lights

Today is my birthday. It was a great day. Fantastic weather, well-behaved kids, a yummy dinner from a local pizza place (Daurizios), a rousing rendition of “Happy Birthday” by the kiddos, and a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate frosting.

Oh yeah, I can’t forget about the presents. It’s no secret that I love lights, especially LED’s. And that’s why I was excited to open the birthday present from my wife:

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Two solar-powered butterfly lights for the flower garden. They’re joining a lighted dragonfly that hangs out above the petunias and snap-dragons.

Thanks honey!

Finally. A Snowman.

I know that I’ve been griping about the quality of our snow all winter.

I still have not actually built an honest-to-goodness, made out of frozen water, real snowman this season.

Instead, I baked a cake. A snowman cake for my son’s fifth birthday party.

Clearly, I’m no candidate for a show on the Food Network. But creating this snowman was a blast. The bottom half was vanilla, the top was chocolate. M&M’s for a smile. A Sour Belt scarf. Gum drop buttons. Snickers for eyes. Yes, that’s a real carrot for a nose. (Now, that’s my kind of carrot cake.) Funny though, nobody opted to eat the carrot.

And the LED’s were just plain cool.

The Snowman Plan

I’m thrilled. In just a few days I’ll finally be able to build a snowman. Only it won’t be a creation of frozen H-two-O.

Nope. We’ve got enough snow to stage our own Hoth battle scene from Empire Strikes Back, (complete with trenches and fortifications). It’s impossible to see over the snowbanks at the end of our driveway. I’ve knocked down icicles taller than my son. But I still can’t build a blasted decent snowman. The snow’s been too cold and dry.

So, we’ll make one out of cake. For my son’s fifth birthday. That’s the idea anyway.

My wife and I spent a half-hour drawing up the plans. She’s buying the building blocks. I’m tasked with the manufacturing. If it comes out looking even slightly similar to Frosty, I’ll be thrilled.

Only one question remains: who in the world authorized our son to achieve kindergarten age?

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