The Kickin’ Stone

In my recent cleanup of my man cave, I just came across an old box labeled “desk stuff.” In it is an oddball collection of trinkets and knick-knacks. There is a souvenier from a trip to the Middle East I made as Navy Midshipman. A few Hot Wheels cars rattle around the box. They are Happy Meal toys from my days as a McDonald’s employee. A handful of nametags provides a history of my service at a number of naval commands. A keychain-sized supersoaker awaits the addition of water to spritz unsuspecting friends. There are a couple of spent cartridges from a naval Phalanx close-in weapons system – heavy brass cartridges.

And a stone. A small rock.

The Kickin' Stone

The Kickin’ Stone

I call it my kickin’ stone.

As a kid growing up in a small town in Southern New Jersey, I discovered this unassuming stone on a walk around town. I kicked it gently. Then kicked it again. And again… for a few miles.

At the end of my walk, I picked it up and took it inside my home.

I brought it along with me on other neighborhood walks. When I needed to think, or when I was upset, you might have seen me kicking a stone around the town. This stone.Β I found it was calming. I discovered that it helped me think.

You see, I ponder while I wander. Often it’s how I do my best thinking, how I come up with my best ideas.

When I get stuck on a project at the office, I’ll frequently take a walk around the “block,” the hallways on the floor where my office is located.

I still take walks around town. I still find it helpful when I’m upset, when I need to pray, when I’m pondering a challenging problem, or when I need to generate new ideas.

Maybe I should take the stone for a trip around my current neighborhood.

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  1. I want a kickin’ stone! That’s an awesome story.

    • Thanks!

      Shhh… I’ll let you in on a secret. Finding a kickin’ stone is a complex process. Go outside. Find a stone not so big that it hurts to kick, not so small that you swing and miss. If it travels four or five feet in a relatively straight direction, ya’ got yourself a kickin’ stone.

      Okay… maybe it’s not so complex after all. Kick away Harvey! πŸ™‚

  2. I have to declutter and have several such “memory boxes.” You’ve inspired me to 1.) picto each item and 2.) story it, so that 3.) I can toss (ok most of) the actual (mostly useless) artifacts. Thanks for the idea! :>

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