Progress – Slowly but Surely

I’ve been a bit under the weather the last couple days. It’s pulled me away from my blogging for a bit.

To be fair, it’s nothing major. It helped to sleep for 18 hours on Saturday. Certainly, though, it’s nothing to complain about when compared to my blogging buddy at Harvey Millican. (My thoughts and prayers are with him as his family, and hopefully for a quick recovery to normalcy.)

Before I could spend time with my blog, I had to get most of the outdoor Christmas decorations put away while it was above freezing. I fear that we could be hit with another arctic freeze which could cause me to leave my decorations out until Memorial Day. (I think I saw a polar bear strolling down our road last week.)

It was mostly a success. There are still a dozen plastic stakes that will be left in the ground until the ice relinquishes its grip. Or until I get so fed up that I give up and pound them deep below the surface of the ground.

Still, I have been able to do some more constructive work on my blog. The Zero to Hero challenge continues to be quite helpful in the process of redeveloping and focusing This Ordinary Citizen.

Assignments for the last three days have included diving deeper into discovering the creativity of other blogs and commenting on them. I’ve been working on it.

The other assignment has been a task to update and add widgets. You can expect some more changes to my widgets in the right-hand column soon.

Stay tuned.

And watch out for polar bears.


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  1. Thanks for the prayers! Everyone seems to be on the mend, thank God!

  2. I like the changes and new look! Great job! Yes, the Z2H (as Harvey has called it) definitely has brought about an awakening in the blogisphere world. I know for one, I needed it! Hope you are all better now and keep up the good work!


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