Why not have a mascot?

Can a blog have a mascot?

It’s an interesting question. But first, I need to point out that today’s Zero to Hero assignment is all about inserting other media, like pictures, into the blog. It’s  something I’ve done before, but I’ll admit that I’m a bit out of practice. Today, I dust off some of those skills.

Back to my question…  Certainly, there are a whole lot of mascots in our world. Many companies have them. Sports teams have them.

Why not a blog?

I think This Ordinary Citizen could use one. How ’bout this little guy:

 A new mascot?

A new mascot? Call me TOC.

You might say, “But he’s just a tiny little plastic finger puppet that you’ve glued to the dashboard of your car.”

I’d respond that I think he could be a mascot, that I think he adds an element of whimsy, of humor to the blog.

Whaddya think?

By the way… here’s the best sports mascot ever:



He’s the mascot for RPI’s hockey teams. Yeah, he’s a puck… and he’s very cool. You can even follow him on Facebook.

One last note. As part of yesterday’s Zero to Hero assignment, I’m looking into using a new theme, creating a new appearance for this blog. Any suggestions from my blogging friends?

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  1. I like your mascot – a lot! I think he is a “must” to add to your blog.

    I’m not much help when it comes to themes. I changed mine and before 24 hours was up, changed it back. Oh well, it was fun trying out different ones.

    • Thanks Debbi. I’ve been previewing a bunch of them. There are a couple that I’m considering switching to.

      I like the fact that it’s your photos are the focal point of your blog, regardless of the theme. (pun intended?) Oh yeah… and you definitely have to keep your love of the color purple in your theme, should you ever decide to change it.

      • Funny you say that (purple) as that is the number one thing I look for. 😀 Next is allows for large view of photos. 😀 Thanks for your input!

  2. captureyouphotography

     /  January 7, 2014

    I think a mascot is a good idea. I keep changing themes on one of my blogs it should not be so hard to pick.

  3. I’m hoping to recruit one.

    • I’ll keep an eye out for one, and send it your way if I come across one. Based on a quick look at your blog, I’m guessing it needs a beard?

  4. I like the mascot too! For a while I’ve been thinking of adding something similar. My childhood pet, a gray cat named Harvey, could be my mascot. Or, I could stylize a hydrocodone caplet with an anthropomorphic face. What say you?

  5. Also, choosing a theme is so daunting because there are sooooo many from which to choose. I think, so far, that each blog I follow has the right theme for that blog. Know what I mean?

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