Mind the Gap

Mind the GapSigns in subways around the world warn passengers to “mind the gap,” to take care as they step from the platform to the train. It’s a phrase that lingers as I ponder the status of this blog.

It’s been more than two years without a post. For significant portions of that time, not only have I not been blogging… I’ve avoided much of the online world. I’ve tweeted less, posted less on Facebook. I’ve avoided the blogosphere. That’s not just a gap. It’s a canyon. But I hope you will bear with my explanation and forgive me for the lack of communication.

When I stopped blogging in July 2011, it was a challenging time for me and for my family. I was in the midst of running for public office, finishing grad school and looking for a job. Initially, I told myself that I was too busy.

But the gap expanded from a brief lull to a giant chasm. I think, perhaps, that I blamed it on the difficulties of that time.

Prior to January 2012, I had spent three years virtually unemployed. My well-loved 16-year-old car reached its retirement, leaving us with only a minivan that I despise. I lost an election – badly. Both my wife and I had been looking for stable jobs that would replace the income we had lost over those years.

In the midst of all that, I feared becoming a pessimist. I feared my writing would spiral into nothing more than negativity.

On the other hand, I earned my graduate degree in communications in December 2011. I’ve been gainfully employed for the last 18 months, a communications job in the State Senate.  And I did have nearly 3,500 people vote for me in November 2011. I’ve got two wonderful sons, and a fantastic wife. Add in a couple of cute cats, along with a variety of insects and amphibians along the way.

Okay, one of the cats is a pain in the rear, and I’ll tell you about the other critters later.

But things are looking up. Could I really become an optimist?

I wasn’t sure. I was reluctant to put virtual pen to virtual paper to find out.

The question remains: am I a pessimist or an optimist?

Nope to both.

The glass is not half full. Nor is it half empty. Instead, it is completely full. The engineer in me would say that it is 50 percent liquid, and about 40 percent gaseous nitrogen, 10 percent breathable oxygen.

Just call me a realist… at least I think that’s the case.

So, I probably should take the good and the bad. And I should not withdraw from my friends, from my family, from my writing.

I’ve got a lot to catch up on, but I choose to be realistically positive. I choose to write.

More to come. I hope you don’t mind the gap.

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  1. So what if the Romanian army could’ve all fallen to their third-rail induced deaths in that gap… At least there is a train leaving the station on the other side. Welcome back!

  2. Welcome back to this bloggin’ world!! Glad to have you back!


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