Mighty Bug Hunters – Part 3

Nobody ventured a guess on the identity of the mystery insect found in the pictures below, (see Mighty Bug Hunters – Part 2 and Part 1):

Larva Stage

Pupa Stage

I can understand. I did not have a clue to their identity even after discovering the half-dozen larva collected by our five-year-old bug hunter. But my son and I ventured into the electronic ether of the online world. We looked at dozens of pictures of various insects. No luck.

Then we took another tack. You see, the larva were found on a bush infested by aphids. So, we looked up insects that eat aphids. And we were surprised and excited to find the answer to our little puzzle.

Even more thrilling, we were able to raise the critters through their larva and pupa stages of life.

Yesterday, an adult hatched:

The adult aphid-eater!


Cool, huh.

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  1. that “like” is a “GROSS” like. 😉

  2. Wade Abbott

     /  June 25, 2011

    It is amazing how God works in nature and His beauty. Now if He would just invent something to take care of our groundhogs.

    • springtimesoul

       /  June 25, 2011

      aphid is to groundhog as
      lady bug is to coyote

      • I’m ok with having ladybugs around. Not so sure about the coyotes.

        I thought your groundhogs had moved on…

  3. Mary Christensen

     /  June 25, 2011

    So glad to have the mystery solved. I would never have guessed ladybugs! Tim must have been excited to watch the whole process.


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