Mighty Bug Hunters – Part 2

So far, I’ve received no guesses on the identity of the mystery insect found in the picture below (see Mighty Bug Hunters – Part 1):

What am I?

How about a little help…

The picture above is the larva stage for this “mystery” critter. The picture below is the pupa stage:

Figure it out yet?

Go ahead, take a guess…

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  1. Bugs. Gross.

    • Agreed in general, but these in particular are quite cool.

    • springtimesoul

       /  June 18, 2011

      When they were kids, Wade and his brothers had several containers with their various catches on the patio. They collected leaves and grass to feed them. Like pets. The stranger the better.

      WDA–I have no idea what this bug is. But the rule’s still the same. . .NOT IN THE HOUSE!


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