GM and the Tax Bludgeon

As if I needed another reason to be unhappy with General Motors

I recently came across a story on CNN Money which reports that the CEO of GM, Dan Akerson, supports a buck-a-gallon increase in gasoline taxes.

Well, of course he does. It would help push up gas prices thereby increasing sales of vehicles with higher fuel efficiencies. Vehicles like the Chevy Cruze or Volt, perhaps? Like too many companies, especially many of the larger ones, competition does not come down to innovative products. Instead, it comes down to innovative lobbying. And that’s a shame.

One part of CNN’s story jumped off the page:

Akerson said that a higher gas tax, including an immediate 50-cent-a-gallon increase to take advantage of recent declines in gas prices, would probably make some of his Republican friends “puke.”

Sorry, Mr. Akerson. It’s not just the Republicans who would be unhappy. Try talking to the average person who would face higher prices for groceries, for commuting, for… well, just about everything.

General Motors, here’s a suggestion. Spend that lobbying money on the design and manufacture of an affordable and reliable car that gets excellent mileage. I might just buy one. No increase in the gas tax necessary.

No, wait. I won’t buy one. But somebody else just might.

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  1. Wade Abbott

     /  June 9, 2011

    i am seriously considering an electric vehicle. I also will not buy another GM car.

    • Personally, I’d wait a while longer before jumping into the electric car market. I want to see how well the vehicles hold up over a longer period of time.

  2. springtimesoul

     /  June 9, 2011

    Don’t forget that an increase in the gas tax drives up the price of every product that is transported (or planted) by gasoline power. It would cost me more to drive to the same old job to be paid the same old salary, which would buy fewer products. Which means I couldn’t afford a new car.


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