Lace Up the Sneakers

It’s time. Time to lace up the shoes. Time to grab a clipboard and pen. Time to take petitions and start knocking on doors.

This is the part of my campaign that I’ve been looking forward to. While many people cringe at the thought of knocking on doors to collect signatures, I’m eager for it to start. In the past two years, I’ve collected signatures to help a number of candidates get their names on the ballot. In the process, I’ve enjoyed meeting all sorts of people.

This year, I get to participate as a candidate myself. But I don’t expect to be alone in my travels across the district. My two boys will be tagging along on occasion. (We even plan on creating a sign to attach to the stroller.) Of course, there will be other candidates, committee members, and volunteers helping out across the county. To all of those who will help collect signatures for my campaign, I thank you in advance.

Time to load up the car. Time to drive a little, walk a lot. By the way, the car just turned over 195,500 miles today. Will I hit 200,000 by November? Might have to get a pedometer, too. It’d be interesting to see how many steps there really are in a political campaign.

It’s time!

Note: this post will also be published on my campaign blog.

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  1. Wade Abbott

     /  June 7, 2011

    I wonder how many pairs of shoes you will wear out? Good luck

    • I’m sure I’ll wear out the ones in the picture. They’re getting close to being replaced anyway.

  1. Lace Up the Sneakers | Wade Abbott

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