The storm before the calm

We’re heading out to the Springfield, MA area tomorrow. It’s just a day trip to Six Flags New England for some relaxing roller coaster rides before we get too busy. The summer schedule is getting hectic, between my last grad school class (Digital Video Production), a capstone project (kinda like a thesis), and the political campaign (petition signature collections start on Tuesday).

And yes, coaster rides are a source of relaxation for me. There’s something about a 200-foot drop at 70+ mph that just removes the stresses of life. Well, at least for me.

We’ve been planning this little trip for a few days now. So, when I saw Springfield in the news, my ears perked up. Yesterday, like many others, we were stunned to see the video of a tornado in downtown Springfield. It’s just a few miles upriver from the amusement park. Check out this video from the AP:

Though not a huge twister by tornado alley standards, it was still quite damaging. I gather that four people died and many others were injured. We are praying for all the folks affected by this storm and the other devastating storms that have impacted so many communities this Spring.

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  1. Wade Abbott

     /  June 3, 2011

    Enjoy your coastering


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