Crunchin’ the Taxing Numbers

Ahhh, property taxes.

I’m not surprised by the latest report by the Empire Center for New York State Policy. Turns out that Schenectady County has property tax rates significantly higher than the average for the Capital District. A number of communities in the county are higher than the state average.

It’s just another indication of the fiscal crisis in Schenectady County.

If you happen to drive into my hometown of Rotterdam, you might just notice a sign that says “Welcome to…. ROTTERDAM a nice place to live.” Yes, sometimes the phrase seems a bit underwhelming. But it is a statement that has grown on me. I do live in a wonderful town. I am running for county legislature because it is a nice place to live. So is Princetown. So is Duanesburg.

But I find myself coming back to these tax rates. If they continue, more and more families will not be able to raise their children in the county.

And that’s why I’m running: to help make Schenectady County an affordable and safe place for families to raise their children!

I’ll continue crunching the numbers. More on this topic down the road…

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  1. Taxes… Sometimes more certain than death.


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