School’s Out

Well, school’s out for the next couple weeks anyway. Then I start my last semester of graduate school. Six weeks of Digital Video Production and a summer focused on my capstone project, and I’ll be the proud recipient of a master’s degree in communication.

Tonight was my last class with a number of my classmates, people I’ve come to know over the last two years. I’ll miss sitting next to them in class and working with them on group projects. It’s a bit sad, but I’m also thrilled to see a bunch of them complete their degrees and graduate.

Personally, I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel, but that might just be my imagination.

In the meantime, I’ve got a brief break from school.

No, wait… I still have to finish up some minor edits to an ethics paper and submit it tomorrow.

Then I’ll be done for the semester.

No, wait… I’m starting my capstone work this Friday.

Forget it. No break necessary. Bring on the degree.

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  1. Kenny a

     /  May 11, 2011

    Digital video. Give me a call if you have any questions. Haha

    • Might just have to take you up on that offer. I haven’t seen the syllabus yet, but there may be a couple tests…


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