This is Art

I’m not known for my artistic ability. I leave that kind of thing to my mother. Or our babysitter.

But I really enjoy watching my five-year old improve his artistic skills. He’s begun to take it very seriously. Like most children, it used to consist of colors scrawled haphazardly across a page. Now he pays more attention to coloring within the lines. He often thinks of ways to improve an existing piece of art. He constantly adds detail to a project. With the help of his babysitter, he designs and colors some amazing pieces.

For example, take this masterpiece that he and his babysitter recently created:

Welcome to Timmy Land

I love it! The detail is incredible. It hangs in a place of honor in our house… over the dining room table and next to a professional painting of the Phoenix, my favorite roller coaster.

I can’t wait for his next artistic endeavor.

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  1. springtimesoul

     /  May 8, 2011

    With a death defying roller coaster hill! No theme park would be complete without one. Go Tim!

  2. Mary Christensen

     /  May 8, 2011

    I think this child has been brainwashed! The roller coaster is right up front! But I trust he hasn’t yet ridden that coaster; it looks much too wild for a five year old! But cotton candy shares a spot up front; I doubt that reflects his dad’s influence.
    Seriously, it’s a great piece of art. Congratulations, Tim!


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