Extraordinary Babysitter

Last week I registered for my final semester of grad school. That means mixed emotions. I know that I’m going to miss school. Interacting with classmates, even if it’s just a couple nights each week, has brought many new and dear friends into my life. And I really enjoy the academic environment. The classroom discussions are an excellent brain-booster.

On the other hand, this has been the most stressful semester thus far. (Journalism = not for me.) I am eager to finish the degree!

In the midst of the academic pressures, I must express my gratitude for a family friend who has made the process so much easier.

She’s our babysitter, and neighbor, Karyn.

Rumor has it that she was initially nervous about taking on the role. I can understand that. Watching two boys under the age of six is not exactly a cake walk. But Karyn makes it look easy. The boys absolutely adore her. I’ve had a number of classes canceled earlier this semester due to snow. When the boys found out that Karyn wasn’t coming over those evenings, I had to take swift action to avoid a mutiny.

She’s reliable. Knowing that the kids are in good hands makes it easy to head off for school.

She’s flexible. When last-minute academic assignments have come up, she’s adjusted her schedule.

She’s talented. I’m constantly discovering new art projects that she creates with the boys. Here’s the latest example:

Bunny Magnets

Simply put, she’s extraordinary.

And we’re very grateful!

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  1. My wife and I are so blessed to have a great babysitter in my niece when she stays with us; but you’re right – the relief of knowing that your kids are safe when you have to head out of the house without them is an amazing thing. Cool bunny magnets!

  2. springtimesoul

     /  April 21, 2011

    good hands, creative hands (love the bunnies!)

  3. Wade Abbott

     /  April 21, 2011

    Thank God for good babysitters. I can not believe that your are in your final semester.

    • Well, technically I won’t be done until the summer ends, but it’s right around the corner.

      BTW… congrats on posting the 600th comment on my blog Dad!


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