Feline Loyalty

It’s been a tough Spring for my youngest son. He’s suffering from another cold. Yesterday, he spent much of the day on the couch resting.

Certainly, I felt bad for the little guy. Even his big brother was concerned.

But it was the cat that surprised all of us. After Danny was born, we carefully introduced him to our cats. Oreo took one sniff, hissed, and ran away. Not exactly an auspicious beginning to a relationship between a boy and a pet. However, in the past few months Oreo has become quite fond of Danny.

Yesterday, she jumped on the couch, settled next to the sick little guy, and wrapped her tail around him.

Oreo purred. Danny smiled.

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  1. Wade Abbott

     /  April 15, 2011

    As a dog person even cats can be good ah sometimes anyway. Hope DK feels better.

  2. One time my cat brought me a dead mouse when I was sick. This made me even sicker but I appreciated the gesture.

  3. Valerie

     /  April 15, 2011

    Aww! That’s adorable! Feel better Danny!

  4. Have you perhaps put the two together? Could it be that Oreos companionship has possibly brought on these ‘colds’? Could it be allergies? Oh great! I’m doing the one thing I can’t STAND for others to do. Make yucky suggestions. Sorry! And hopefully one has nothing to do with the other!

    OK – have to ask…are there seriously two Wade Abbotts? Of is that your alter ego?

    • Debbi… that is definitely something we’ve considered, but so far we haven’t seen any immediate reactions to the cat. Still, it hasn’t been entirely ruled out, and we’re keeping an eye on it.

      And the other Wade is my dad. A bit confusing, I know. You’ll have to refer back to my Recycling Names post.

    • Wade Abbott

       /  April 16, 2011

      Actually there are more then two with some in our family and I even found one outside the family. Thisfrom Wade Abbott the dad.

  5. springtimesoul

     /  April 15, 2011

    Kitty affection? Or just soaking up the heat from Danny’s fever? (almost as good as a sunny windowsill)

    • He wasn’t running a significant fever, but Oreo does like sitting in people’s laps… could be a heat-seeking cat.

  6. Mary Christensen

     /  April 15, 2011

    I’d say Oreo was clearly expressing his love and concern for Danny. I’m glad they are becoming fond of each other. And I’m glad Danny is better today. Give him a hug from his great grandma!


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