Change at the top

This could be quite positive, at least for Schenectady County. Susan Savage, chair of the Schenectady County Legislature, is stepping down to take a six-figure position in one of my favorite organizations: New York’s Department of Taxation and Finance.

According to a story by Paul Nelson in today’s Times Union:

The Niskayuna Democrat has been tapped to become assistant deputy commissioner with the department’s Office of Real Property Tax Services…

Now that’s a heckuva title to have to put on an office nameplate.

Seriously though, this is a significant change for the county legislature. It’ll be interesting to see how the dynamic changes in next month’s meeting. I’m looking forward to it.

On a practical basis, it will not change the political balance of the legislature at all. Well, at least until November. Here’s hoping!

And now that I’ve bored most of my readers to tears… I promise to post something non-political shortly.

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  1. Variety is the spice of life and you are just showing variety!

  2. Chuck Gerhard

     /  April 15, 2011

    This millionaire slagged us with upwards of 7% increases county-wide with taxation and is now going to do worse on a state level! Furthermore, have you seen her replacement?!?!?!
    If I didn’t believe in God I’d say we’re doomed. Regards and thanks!

    • I share your concerns over what will happen with her in a position of influence on the statewide level.

      I just remind myself that we’ve got an election in November, and a great opportunity to make some significant changes at the county level. Of course, I’m hoping to be one of those changes.

  3. Mary Christensen

     /  April 15, 2011

    You don’t need to apologize for blogging about politics. After all, you’ve made the decision to become involved in it. More power to you!


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