Underwhelming April Snow Showers

Credit my wife with an accurate prediction! We only got a dusting, well… slushing, of snow today. It never really stuck to the roads, so I didn’t need to break out the shovel.

My wife blamed the April Fool’s Day snow joke on a meteorologists’ conspiracy. I don’t believe that to be the case. I’m blaming it on a Weeble snowman who wasn’t happy about Spring’s arrival. My blogger buddy Harvey recently discovered a conspiracy by evil Weebles. I think this photo might be further proof:


Weeble Snowman trying to bury the tulips

Do I dare say it? Is Spring really here? Can I safely put the snow shovels away?

The tulips say “yes!” Apparently, they like April Snow Showers.

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    • Heheh. I figured you might. I discovered we had a small infestation of Weebles amongst the kids toys. Couldn’t resist following “Harvey’s” lead.

  1. Weebles… What can you do?


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