Library with a View

Seems like I’m spending a lot of time in libraries these days. Today, I made a trip to the New York State Library. No children’s story hour this time. This was for my grad school journalism class. I’ve been trolling through Albany, NY newspaper archives. I am looking for ideas that will point to a present-day story that I can write for the Times Union’s Pine Hills blog.

To a certain extent, the library visit was pretty cool. I’ve got a big box of old-school microfilm. (Hey, at least it’s not microfiche.) I’m perusing newspapers from 1939/1940. With my interest in World War II, I find the stories quite intriguing.

While this is more of a research library, it’s not entirely boring. I love its location. Especially the view out the windows. To the South you can see the Hudson River and mountains. To the North there is the unique architecture of Albany, including “The Egg” and the state’s Capitol Building.

Oh yeah, there’s also the New York State Museum just a few floors below.

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It’s a cool place. But the thrill of microfilm wears off quickly.

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  1. Jackie Paulson 1966

     /  March 26, 2011

    Loved the pictures. It looks so Modern. A library is always a place for me. Thanks for sharing this.

    • I’m not sure how I’d describe Albany’s architecture, including the museum and library. It’s all part of one big government center called the Empire State Plaza. “Unique” is the only way that I can think to describe it.

      • kelly

         /  March 27, 2011

        well Rockerfella’s plaza (as i grew up calling it, until i found out about the one in nyc) is most definitely Modern in architectural style.

        i have very mixed feelings about it. one the hand it took my parish from 3,000 families down to 300 (due to the razing of the neighborhood and displacement of its inhabitants) and broke our amazing organ, that is still not fixed. it is a testament to big government, almost a monument (lets build this giantic shrine to ourselves, while harming (referring to both destruction of homes and working conditions for laborers) the people we are to serve). On the other hand it is a great conversational piece; a unigur draw to albany; and it is convienent to have the cultural spaces all together. I do use the facilities, so I may be a sell out. 🙂

      • I’ve heard a couple people tell me that the plaza wasn’t very popular because it destroyed the neighborhood. I didn’t know that it had such a drastic effect on churches.

  2. Nice view of the Egg.

    • It’s a cool building. Went to a “They Might Be Giants” concert there once. TMBG couldn’t get over the fact that they were performing in an giant egg.

  3. How cool to be going thru those old newspaper stories. I’ve been spending some time doing genealogy research and those old finds are treasures. Have fun and thanks for sharing the great pics!

    • It is fun. I had to remind myself that I didn’t have time to read all the stories. I found the editorial pages especially fascinating… mostly people arguing for the US to stay neutral in the war that was just starting.

  4. Oh my, how did we miss each other? You went on the one day I had other plans. Microfilm is always exciting, I can’t remember one single reel I threaded that I didn’t have a pounding in my heart.

    There are stories everywhere in Albany. I wish I had time to do them all….want an ACO internship? 🙂

    • I did keep an eye out for ya’. Who knows, I might have to come back for a second try at finding a story idea.

      As for the internship… hmmm. Whaddya pay? (just kiddin’) Seriously, I learn more about Albany politics from you than any other source!


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