Yesterday’s Formal Announcement

Yesterday evening was the formal announcement for my campaign for Schenectady County Legislature. It was also my first fundraiser. I had the privilege of joining Brian McGarry, candidate for Rotterdam Town Supervisor and James Longo, candidate for Rotterdam Highway Superintendent as local candidates for public office.

I am grateful for everybody who showed up, for everybody who donated to my campaign! In this economy, money is tight for the vast majority of us. I wish I could better express the extent of my gratitude.  Often though, the most important words are the simplest. To all of my supporters:

Thank you!

Political campaigns cost money. As a brand new candidate for public office, I am becoming well aware of that fact. Too often, we see cases where political campaign funds were not spent wisely. That will not be the case in this campaign. I will spend campaign funds with great care. I am a firm believer in being efficient and careful with money, especially money that has been donated.

Asking for money for a political campaign is not easy. It shouldn’t be. The donations made to my campaign reinforce the seriousness of it. Each penny is a token of trust, a sign that the donor believes that I will spend it wisely, and ultimately, an indication that they believe I will be a good representative. I take that responsibility very seriously.


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