Schumer and Remington Arms

I was trolling through Twitter tonight, catching up on some news and looking for ideas for a blog post. I recently added Senator Chuck Schumer’s Twitter feed to the list that I follow. (It’s good to keep up with your representatives, even if you don’t agree with them.) One of his tweets caught my attention:

40-50 new jobs coming to Central New York

Okay, I’ll bite. I clicked on the link. It took me to a story from the Utica Observer-Dispatch. The dateline was Ilion, NY, the headline: “Remington Arms expands again, creating 40 to 50 jobs.” I was very intrigued. My wife grew up in Ilion. Her father retired from Remington Arms. One summer during college, my wife even had a job in their materials lab. She ran materials tests on firing pins and gun barrels. I’ve got a materials engineering degree, so I thought her summer job at the firearms manufacturing plant was pretty cool.

But back to the article…

Sounds like great news. That portion of New York’s Mohawk Valley is desperate for jobs. I was pleased to read some positive news.

Then I read this:

The announcement was presided over by U.S. Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y.

I almost fell off the couch. Schumer? At a firearms manufacturing plant? Some people might describe him as “Mr. Gun Control.” I wasn’t sure whether I should laugh or shake my head. I wonder who invited him to the event.

Heck, Mr. Schumer was the guy who annoyed many of his upstate constituents after Kirsten Gillibrand, then serving as the Representative from NY’s 20th Congressional District, was selected to replace Hillary Clinton as NY’s junior Senator. In a January, 25, 2009 interview on Fox New Sunday, Schumer was asked about some of Gillibrand’s more conservative political viewpoints, including a positive rating from the National Rifle Association. Schumer said the following:

The district she [Gillibrand] represents is quite different than much of the state. It’s very rural. In some ways, it’s more like Montana than New York City. It has no large cities.

Personally, I interpreted that comment as a not-so-subtle dig on upstate gun owners. Maybe that’s not the case, but I still find it a bit ironic to read that he went to Remington Arms.

The Observer-Dispatch story ended with this quote from Schumer:

“Remington Arms is becoming the economic engine of Herkimer County,” Schumer said.

I’ll agree with the statement, and I hope that the new jobs are a precursor of more positive things to come. Still, I wonder if Schumer really shares my views on these new jobs in the firearms industry.

I can’t wait to hear my father-in-law’s thoughts on this!

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  1. Back when I worked in the world of media I was a writer at WNYW (Fox 5, New York). We could always rely on upChuck for a Sunday presser. The man has more intelligence in his little finger than he has in the whole rest of his body. Funny how this got “buried” in an upstate paper and not picked up by the big boys or the nationals. And his dig at upstate gun owners was actually a dig at upstate residents. The man is vile, loathsome, and a moron. Did I say all that? Oh and full disclosure, I’m actually a card carrying member of the NRA. I don’t own a gun and have only handled one once (skeet shooting at a freind’s ranch) but I totally like the Constitution as written.

    • I did come across a less detailed AP story on the Wall Street Journal’s website. But, I’ll be surprised if the story gets any traction in the traditional media.

      I’m no fan of Schumer, either. He’s been in power much too long.

  2. Chuck Gerhard

     /  March 23, 2011

    If there was ever a dictionary definition for “greasy politician” Mr. Schumer’s picture would surely reside there. It’s very depressing to see how easily they change their words to suit the audience.


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