Friday Night Humor

It was a typical Friday night dinner: breakfast. Pancakes and eggs. Oh yeah, chocolate chips in the pancakes. Did you know that kids get even funnier when they’ve got chocolate dribbling down their chins and the sugar is coursing through their veins?

Tonight Danny finished his dinner (he is feeling better!) and was working on his gummy Flintstone’s vitamin. He happily looked at his mother with a sense of accomplishment and said, “I finished my vitamin Mommy!” He opened his mouth wide enough to display his handiwork, “Ahhhhhhhh.”

“Choo,” said my wife in an attempt to mimic a sneeze.

Danny was having none of it. “No, mommy,” he said, “I already chewed it.” His mouth opened again. “See… ahhhhhhh.” And once again we got to peer into the depths of Danny.

From the mouths of babes…

Or is it into the mouths of babes?

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  1. springtimesoul

     /  March 18, 2011

    glad he’s better and making you laugh.

  2. I love breakfast for dinner! Glad to hear he’s feeling better.


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