Mole Tunnels

This afternoon I stood at my kitchen window watching my older son run through the backyard. He jumped over melting piles of snow, picked up sticks and pine cones, and created his own personal adventure on a beautiful day. His little brother was fitfully sleeping on the couch, exhausted from a cold and slight fever.

Meanwhile, I was grumpily taking inventory of future outdoor Spring cleaning tasks. The pine tree has dumped its fair share of debris on the lawn. A number of the kids’ toys did not survive the winter. And the moles have once again decided that our lawn is a great construction site for their next set of tunnels.

Later this evening I found myself watching the news. Describing it as sobering is an understatement. Many Japanese citizens are grieving the loss of their families due to earthquakes or tsunami waves. Staggering numbers are homeless, hungry and thirsty. The country as a whole faces a radiological crisis. Across the globe, many Libyans are under attack from their own government. The entire Middle East exists in a state of unease.

Here I am in a nice warm house, situated in a cozy community. I have the opportunity to pursue a graduate education. I am running for political office in a country where political change occurs at the ballot box, not via the barrel of a gun. My family surrounds me. Earlier today I sat next to my wife on the couch, a cat nestled between us. Our little guy snoozed on his mother’s lap. His big brother sat on my knee. I am truly blessed.

Suddenly mole tunnels don’t seem so bad.

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  1. springtimesoul

     /  March 18, 2011


  2. Wade Abbott

     /  March 18, 2011

    Thank God you do not have groundhog holes.

    • Yeah, as much as I love your new house, I don’t envy you for the wildlife that cruise through/live in your yard.


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