Cluttered Bookshelves

Lovin' this bookshelf... it was built by Grandpa

I love reading, and so does my family. It comes with the territory when you are married to a librarian.

I’ve usually got a couple books in progress, in addition to my academic reading. My wife has a stack of books next to her side of the bed. We read to our kids before afternoon nap time and before they crawl into bed at night. “Bath, books and bed,” is our evening mantra. Each boy gets to choose a book from the well-stocked bookshelf or from a stack of library books. Lately, we’ve also taken to looking up various topics in an encyclopedia. (It’s a great way for our five-year old to learn his letters.)

Our progress

We also take the boys to story time at the library frequently. Usually once a week. Sometimes twice. So, when one of the librarians asked us to participate in a reading challenge for the month of March, I jumped at it. Then I laughed when I heard that we only had to read 38 different books during the month. Piece o’ cake. We usually get six new library books every week, plus we’ve got our stacks at home.

So, I was mentally patting myself on the back during this morning’s visit to the library. As I watched other parents sign up for the reading challenge, I smiled at knowing that we were more than halfway finished with it. We’ll probably finish it next week.

That just meant it was time for my daily dose of humility. I overheard one of the mothers tell the librarian, “No problem with this challenge. We read 20 or 30 books a day.” Good for her! Seriously.

And a little side note on library fines. We used to think our occasional library fine was going to a good cause: supporting the library itself. Uhh, not so fast. I just learned today that money paid in fines to our library system goes back to the county, not the library itself. Now I really have a reason to run for Schenectady County Legislature.

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  1. Chuck Gerhard

     /  March 15, 2011

    That’s a new one for me too! I always felt the same about fines. Our library in Rotterdam is great, staffed with terrific people and well maintained. It’s disappointing to me to hear that the fines are going to the county.


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