Saving Daylight

It’s not even 10 pm as I write this. Yesterday, it would’ve only been 9 pm. I think. I’m too tired to do the math for our switch to Daylight Savings Time. Is it “Spring ahead, Fall back” or is it “Spring back, Fall over”?

Either way, these time changes to and from Daylight Savings Time are getting tougher. I used to look forward to both. In the Fall I’d get an extra hour of sleep. In the Spring I used to like the fact that the sun set later in the day. Now both time changes just make me tired and cranky.

Technically, it isn’t even Spring yet. (The groundhog was wrong… I’ve still got two feet of snow in my yard.) I suppose “Winter ahead” doesn’t make sense in terms of time, but it might make for a good sign when you enter New York State. I can just picture it. You pass the “Welcome to New York” sign only to spot a bright orange warning sign. Except this one says, “Winter Ahead… Turn Around Now.”

I told you I was cranky.

And really, you can’t save any daylight. It’s not like you can bank it up now, then at the end of a dreary January day go to the Daylight Savings & Loan. “I’d like to withdraw an extra hour of daylight today please.” The response: “Sure, hop a plane to Australia. Or Antarctica.”

I’m curious. What do you think of this time change?

Feel free to take the poll. I’m going to bed.

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  1. I used to like it as well but I really hate the fact that it (DST) now takes up something like 7 months out of 12. Should “standard” time at the very least account for 50% of the year? Furthermore the whole “time-shift” thing still makes no sense to me. I hate losing sleep. I hate the adjustment I’m going to have to make in the morning when it’s suddenly pitch black as I drive to work. Like the orange sign idea. Also love the idea of adding polls to the site.

    • I think we’re in complete agreement.

      I’ve done a couple polls in the past, but nothing like Debbi who does ’em every week. They’re fun.

  2. springtimesoul

     /  March 14, 2011

    Babies and dogs don’t make the time change. Sometimes, I think dogs are smarter than we are.

    • I’d agree with that. Just watched a show on Discovery about dogs and their intelligence. They didn’t mention the time change, though.

  3. Wade Abbott

     /  March 14, 2011

    Great for fishing later at night.

  4. Jackie Paulson 1966

     /  March 14, 2011

    I am so glad we changed the clocks I like it lighter longer.

    • No disagreement Jackie, but I’d rather leave it at Daylight Savings Time all year long. Let’s just skip the Fall Back this year.


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