Would someone please turn off that shoe?

If you know me, you know that I love LED lighting. Examples include Christmas lights, Halloween costumes, and snowman cakes. Put a really cool LED on a bag of frozen Brussels sprouts and I’d probably buy ’em. (And I’m no fan of  Brussels sprouts.) It’s great marketing. Just look at children’s shoes these days: they all light up.

While it’s not yet popular for adult shoes to brightly blink with each footstep, I really enjoy watching my boys’ shoes twinkle in the dark. The boys love ’em, too.

So, when one of my five-year old’s brand new shoes quit flashing, he was sad. (I’ll admit it: me, too.) I’m guessing that he stepped into a salty-slushy puddle causing the malfunction. And while the blinking lights no longer announce their presence at every step, one of the red LED’s steadily shines brightly. Day and night. On or off the foot. It can be downright distracting when the rest of the house is dark.

Today he was waiting to step on the scale at his five-year doctor’s appointment. One of the nurses commented on his shoes. He responded sadly that one of the shoes was broken, showing them the shoe with its single red light. Quietly he said, “I think it needs a shoe doctor.” I can’t be sure, but in the midst of the laughter that followed, I think one of the nurses choked on her coffee.

Then one of the doctors suggested that he call Dr. Scholl’s. Good thing I wasn’t drinking coffee.

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  1. Jackie Paulson 1966

     /  March 5, 2011

    This made me laugh, and the girly shoes are light up too. What will they think up next? I am surprised that “lace up shoes” still exist for kids in this era. LOL

    • Thanks for the comment Jackie. I’ve noticed that the girls shoes light up, too. Some of them have brighter lights than any of the boys shoes I’ve come across. Your comment on lace up shoes makes me wonder… will I have to teach my boys how to lace up their shoes? They’ve already got the velcro thing down-pat.

  2. Lee Abbott

     /  March 5, 2011

    while you are sleeping, the happy shoe plays light games with the toys; the depressed shoe sulks in a dark corner. Is Dr. Scholl a pshychiatrist?

  3. I love the video! I have a Mac, as well. Is it pretty easy to upload video to WordPress? Haven’t done it yet but was thinking of doing a blog where I just film me narrating with bizarre things going on in the background (like Weebles attacking). LOL.

    • I love my Mac. Uploading videos is fairly easy. I usually edit my videos in iMovie, then use the “share” menu to upload my video to YouTube. (I created a “ThisOrdinaryCitizen” channel in YouTube for my videos.) Once that’s done I click the “add video” button in the WordPress post editor. Simply copy the URL for the YouTube video and paste it into the appropriate box located under the “From URL” tab.

      The big question, though, is will you do voices for the Weebles?


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