Another Proposed Tax Bike. I Mean Hike.

I’m a bit late to this party, but then again so is New York State. More on that in a moment.

Do you own a bicycle? Does your kid? Well, if Assemblyman Michael Den Dekker gets his way, you’ll be paying a few bucks more. Say it with me… “Money Grab!”

We were due for another ridiculous revenue raiser. For more details on this latest one, check out Rick Karlin’s post on the Times Union’s Capitol Confidential blog:

…NYC Democratic Assemblyman Michael Den Dekker is calling for a $25 bicycle registration fee ($50 for commercial) bikes as a revenue raiser.

Don’t forget about the five bucks you’ll pay each year to renew the registration. However, it sounds like it’s not the most popular legislation.

Phew. I’m glad that common sense is still hanging on by its fingernails.

What I didn’t realize was that New Jersey already went through this in January. A state lawmaker proposed a similar law only to withdraw it a day later after a justifiable uproar. I came across a story about it on It jokingly recommended skipping the bikes and putting the license plates on the kiddos themselves. Want a laugh? Check out the “Ledger Live” video embedded in the story.

Me… I’ve already got a bicycle-sized license plate with my younger son’s name on it. Can I get a break on the registration fee?

Better yet, let’s just revert back to some common sense.

3/3/11 Editorial update: I forgot to credit my friend and classmate Darren with sending me a link to a story about this crazy bike registration idea. Thanks Darren!

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  1. When will they get it that this will result in people just not buying bikes?!

    • putting on my conspiracy theory hat– Nah, this is all a pre-cursor to mandating that everybody needs to own a bike. –insert spooky music here

      Seriously, I don’t think that legislators proposing laws like these really think about the consequences.

  2. Mary Christensen

     /  March 3, 2011

    In the past I would have been thankful I lived in Wisconsin where common sense still existed. Right now we definitely have an overdose (a huge overdose) of politics!

    • Yeah, a bit crazy in your state right now. I heard the state senate just ordered the arrest of the missing senators.


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