The Perils of Missing a Post

After not posting for more than 48 hours, I discovered something important. It prompted a call from Mom, (also a blogger). Technically, I will post this before Sunday officially calls it quits, so I only missed my postaday on Saturday. But I’ll admit that it was nice to be missed, and I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Mom.

I wish there was a grandiose reason for missing a post, but it was just due to a quick road trip to visit long-time friends, (and soon-to-be parents). It was also a chance for my wife to attend a baby shower this afternoon, but more on that later.

I had hoped to get something posted Saturday morning before we left. No such luck. Still sore from de-snowifying my Hoth-like property, I was a bit grumpy. I also ran up against car tires that needed additional air and a boatload of phone calls that I needed to make. As we hopped in the car, I hoped to get to the blog post later that night.

It wasn’t meant to be. A bit of a truck accident intervened. No, it wasn’t an accident involving us. Instead, a moving van decided to take runaway ride, down a hill, on a direct path to the kitchen of our friends’ new apartment. An electrical box stopped the truck mere feet from the kitchen window. It knocked out the power, but nobody was hurt. The incident occurred when they were out and before we arrived, but it did keep us out of the apartment until late evening.

All in all, it was a great, (and memorable), visit. And while my wife was ooohing and ahhhing over baby presents this afternoon, I opted to escape with the boys. We went to Fun World, a family entertainment center in Nashua, NH, and only a few minutes from the hotel hosting the baby shower.

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Did I mention that Fun World has a roller coaster, a double-decker carousel, and a “wicked-cool” three-story indoor playground? Now, that’s my kind of baby shower.

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  1. Glad you’re back. And safe!

    • Thanks! I’m glad, too, that our friends weren’t home when the truck incident occurred. They might’ve had an early arrival of a baby.

  2. Mary Christensen

     /  February 28, 2011

    I’d say Saturday was well spent even if you didn’t get to blog. You’ve done very well to keep it up this long. Looks like the boys enjoyed your baby shower as much (or more) than you did! I’m glad you and Ellen were able to get away for a little special time with friends.

    • It was great to see our friends again. They only live in the next state over, but we just don’t see them as often as we’d like. Hopefully, now that they are becoming parents we’ll be able to see them more often.

      And the boys are already asking to go back to Fun World.


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