All the news that’s fit to… stack

How The New York Times stacks up

I’ll admit it. Unlike some conservatives, I don’t dislike The New York Times. But I certainly don’t worship it journalistically either. And I’m not thrilled that I have to get a subscription to it for my grad school “History of Journalism” class. Personally, I’d prefer to read it online.

The Times can be a bit overwhelming, though. They sure pack a whole bunch o’ words into that paper. So far, all I’ve accomplished is reading a number of articles and skimming the papers. Then stacking them. But I do understand why my professor wants us to get the subscription. There’s just something about the tactile feel of a newspaper that makes it different than an online version.

When my professor asked the class why we think she’s making us get a hard-copy subscription, I jokingly replied that journalists must have something against trees. I don’t think she was as amused by the comment as I was. (Hey… I admit it, I laugh at my own jokes.)

Tonight my class took a field trip to the Albany Times Union. Among other things, we got to see their 40-year-old printing press, complete with gigantic rolls of paper staged for printing tomorrow’s edition. After that trip, and after looking at my stack of soon-to-be recycled papers, I’m starting to wonder if journalists and trees did indeed have a falling-out in the past.

In the meantime, I’ll try to keep up with the papers that magically appear on my driveway every morning.

Still, paying for a Times subscription beats buying a bunch of textbooks any day.

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  1. “a falling out with each other”? LOL.

  2. springtimesoul

     /  February 23, 2011

    A field trip? You didn’t get a permission slip from your mother.


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