Penny Press and the Blogger

“Blog” is a four letter word. Especially to my Journalism professor. I gather that she’s not a big fan of blogging. She comes across as having a preference for the printed news found in a traditional newspaper. I can respect that. And I believe that she respects my viewpoint as a blogger. But it still makes for an interesting dynamic in class.

Tonight she gave each of us a penny at the start of class. That led to a discussion of the “Penny Press.” From what I’ve learned, the Penny Press came about in the early 1800’s as a cheaper alternative to the six-cent papers. You can probably guess what a Penny Press paper cost. They provided more sensationalistic news. They were marketed toward a less wealthy demographic than their more expensive counterparts. They were sold on street corners, not just via subscription. Unsurprisingly, they were often derided by the six-cent papers.

Now, I make it a point to use the b-word at least once during every class.

No, not that b-word. Sheesh.

I mean that I make a reference to blogs, blogging, or bloggers. It kind of spices up the discussion.

So, tonight I made an apt comparison, (at least in my mind), between blogging and the Penny Press. I claimed that blogging brings opinion, bias, and news (but not necessarily journalism) to a wider audience. Just like the Penny Press.

I waited for the debate to begin.

Then she agreed with me.

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  1. springtimesoul

     /  February 16, 2011

    Give ’em your two cents worth!


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