A Knockout of a Toy

Hanging around.

I love toys. My son’s recent birthday brought a treasure trove of fun to our house. But it’s a toy that we received last month that really caught our attention.

One of my grad school classmates and fellow blogger, Alicia, has been working for a local company that created and sells toys called ScareMeNots. Knowing that I’ve got a five-year old, she sent me one of their stuffed toys. His name is Knockout Ned. For the record, I’ve not been compensated for this blog post. The only thing we’ve received is Knockout Ned himself.

Knockout Ned as created by Timmy.

Knockout Ned is really cool. We’ve given him a thorough test run. He’s rugged enough to endure the hugs of my kids. And I love the concept of having a lovable “monster” to combat bedtime fears. Knockout Ned literally hangs from the curtain rod in my children’s room and scares away those monsters that keep my kids awake at night. Knockout Ned is so popular that my son made his own version of Ned out of paper that he glued together and colored.

But I should really let the creativity of my son speak for itself. He came up with the ideas for this video:

My son is already asking for another ScareMeNot. We might just have to buy Watchdog Wally to keep Ned company.

A boy and his favorite monster.

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  1. Mary Christensen

     /  February 14, 2011

    Absolutely delightful! The video, I mean, and esp. the now 5-year old Timmy. I’m sure Alicia finds it delightful also.

    • Grandma… Timmy is quite the ham, something that his mother and I have known for quite awhile. But even we were surprised at the level of detail he put into his description of Knockout Ned.

  2. That is awesome! LOVED THE VIDEO!! Timmy is adorable and has a future in TV :).

  3. Mary Christensen

     /  February 16, 2011

    I’ve watched this video half a dozen times. What a precious, precocious great grandson I have! And I might add, I would have expected video productions from my youngest grandson rather than his big brother. All the way around, good job!

    • Precocious… great word, and great description of Timmy.

      I’m sure that my younger brother is a far better editor than me. I just dabble… he’s the expert.

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