The Ups and Downs of Balloons

Tonight, we took the boys to Friendly’s. It was an early celebration of my son’s fifth birthday. (I’ll be in class on his b-day.) Nothing fancy… just dinner and a free sundae for him.

The waiter was very nice. He brought over balloons for both boys. It was a big hit.


The two-year old bopped his mother in the head with his bright blue balloon. You would’ve thought that the world’s funniest comedian just waltzed into the room.

The older brother giggled. His younger protege followed his lead. The giggles bubbled over into full-force laughs. You know, that addictive, giddy kind of laughter. It was a wonderful relief from the stress of the day.

Then we came home. After a brief period of chasing each other with the balloons, tragedy visited both boys. In a series of shotgun-like cracks, both containers of helium were reduced to sad pieces of torn latex on the floor.

That brought the waterworks. The older brother’s lip started to quiver, the corners of his eyes filling with water. Even an “I’m sorry” from his little brother couldn’t stem the flow of tears. I was a bit surprised. After all, this wasn’t the first balloon that has popped in our house.

In a halting voice, he asked me if I ever had a balloon that popped. I told him that I had, many times. I reassured him that he would play with many more balloons in the future. I watched the wheels turn in his head. Shortly thereafter, he said, “I feel better Daddy.”

It’s his birthday. I’ll let him cry.

And on the plus side, at least the cat won’t chew on the balloon ribbons.

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  1. This was a great post! Tears threatened to appear as I thought of the devistating POP! As a mom, I know the heartbreak of a broken balloon. Thanks for sharing. I, personally, love these types of posts the best. 🙂


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