The Snowman Plan

I’m thrilled. In just a few days I’ll finally be able to build a snowman. Only it won’t be a creation of frozen H-two-O.

Nope. We’ve got enough snow to stage our own Hoth battle scene from Empire Strikes Back, (complete with trenches and fortifications). It’s impossible to see over the snowbanks at the end of our driveway. I’ve knocked down icicles taller than my son. But I still can’t build a blasted decent snowman. The snow’s been too cold and dry.

So, we’ll make one out of cake. For my son’s fifth birthday. That’s the idea anyway.

My wife and I spent a half-hour drawing up the plans. She’s buying the building blocks. I’m tasked with the manufacturing. If it comes out looking even slightly similar to Frosty, I’ll be thrilled.

Only one question remains: who in the world authorized our son to achieve kindergarten age?

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  1. Mary Christensen

     /  February 3, 2011

    Good luck building your snowman! I’m sure it will delight the birthday boy, who is growing up so fast in our eyes. But I keep remembering his sincere question to me a year or so ago, “Grandma, why does it take SO LONG to get big?” No doubt about it, he’s ready for school.

    • His mother and I tried to convince him to quit growing so quickly, at least for a couple months. He’s outgrowing his winter clothes.

  2. springtimesoul

     /  February 4, 2011

    The engineer gene kicks in. . .drawing up plans. . .for a cake!??! Birthdays are getting more complicated. Coconut would look very snow-like sprinkled on the frosting–will form trump taste?

    • Coconut? Blech. Good idea, but I just don’t like it. I don’t think Tim does either.

      And compared to the most-excellent b-day cakes that his Aunt and Uncle made him in years past, this will be much less spectacular.

  3. Oh Wade, my sympathies go to you and your wife. Kindergarten. I spent 2 days totally out of commission after I dropped my boy off at school. I was a mess. A fellow mother trying to bond with me on the first week asked me if I was relieved to have my son in school all day. I snapped and said, “NO! I actually LIKE my kid”. I’m such a bitch. I sat home, totally unproductive and looked at pictures. I did it this year too. At least you will have your other little guy to keep you company, but I am sure he will be a little lost at first too. Enjoy this time together before September!

    • It’ll sure be quieter at home without the 5 year old. His little brother is so much quieter without his big brother around.

      I’m not exactly sure how I’ll react when he starts kindergarten. I certainly can’t believe that he’ll be starting in Sept.


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