Now that’s a Big Red Freakout

College hockey: my favorite spectator sport. It’s great when my alma mater, RPI, wins. It’s even better when it’s a win over the number one team in the nation. That would be the Yale Bulldogs.

5-2. A solid victory for the Engineers.

Sweet Victory

Doesn’t get much better than that.

Except maybe for the guy participating in the puck-shooting contest. He won a lease on a brand-new car. In the contest, a piece of plywood, (I think), is placed in front of the net. It’s got a wee little puck-sized slot at the bottom center. I actually participated in the puck-shooting contest a few years ago. All I accomplished was making a fool of myself. Tonight, the guy participating put the puck through the slot and into the net on his first shot from center ice.

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Let’s Go Red!

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  1. I’m a Devils fan (I remember when our farm team were the Albany River Rats and I had some shirts from them too). Anyway, they used to do something like this called Score-O. It always struck me funny that the winner get the honor of taking on a lease. Where’s the prize in that?! LOL.

    • My condolences on being a Devils fan. (Just kidding… I’m a Flyer’s fan.)

      For a few years the River Rats went from being a Devil’s farm team to a Carolina Hurricanes franchise. Then last year Carolina moved their AHL team closer to home. Albany picked up the Devils franchise again… so now we’ve got the Albany Devils.

      We’ve gone to a number of Rats games in the past. Side note… my niece actually won a Hummer Limo ride to school during a kids’ puck shooting contest at a Rats game.

      My kids still miss Rowdy the River Rat, though.

      And I agree. I’m not sure a lease is all that big a prize. Bragging rights, though, are pretty good.

  2. Lee Abbott

     /  January 30, 2011

    Is Puckman going to church with Tim this morning? Just in case people don’t know where your hockey loyalties lie.

    • Nah, Puckman got scrubbed off last night before bed. We didn’t really want him on the pillows and sheets.

      And I’ve gotta be careful with my hockey loyalties in this county. It’s more likely to be Union Hockey fans that I encounter. (But their team is doing very well, too.)


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