Continuation of the GM Feud

This interconnected blog thing is pretty cool.  I was thrilled when a friend of mine asked me to share the story of my feud with General Motors on her company’s blog.  CR4, (which is a pretty cool website for engineers), now has a three-part series detailing my less-than-positive experience with GM.

I’ve spent a lot of time hammering GM on their poor customer service on this blog.  (Here, here, and here.)  Nary a response from the auto manufacturer.  It’ll be interesting to see if GM responds at all to the new posts.  Not that I’m counting on a response.

And as a side note, I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my piece o’ junk 2006 Saturn Relay gets persnickety during cold-weather starts.  My ’96 Saturn SL2… reliable as always.

Thank you CR4, (and Katie).

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  1. Government Motors being less than helpful in the customer service department?! I’m shocked.

  2. sharkkles

     /  January 26, 2011

    You’ve been getting great numbers on CR4! I’m so glad this worked out. I’ve got my fingers-crossed in hopes they respond to you.


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