Family Dinnertime – More than the Food

I’m a big believer in the value of spending time together as a family at the dinner table.  It’s one of those things that my family does well.  And I don’t just mean the food.  (Although my wife does make chili that I just love!)

I look forward to spending time with my wife and kids over our evening meal.  I miss it when I cannot join them, usually on those grad school nights.

I’ll have to admit that we do battle on occasion… usually over vegetables. The day that we convince either of our boys that broccoli is yummy is the day I dance around the table.  You won’t want to miss that.

Mostly though, it’s a time of conversation, education and laughter.  We share what we did during the day.  The boys trade jokes.  Sometimes they’re even funny… like the best knock-knock joke that I’ve ever heard, a creation of our two-year old:


“Who’s there?”

“Nobody.  It’s just a door.”

Saturday’s dinner was another prime example.  Our two-year old couldn’t wait to dig in.  So, he offered to say the prayer, another important part of our dinner routine:

“Dear God,” he began.

He silently paused, just for a moment.


And dinner began, with smiles all around.

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