Following through on my Pink-y Swear

Updated 12/5/10. See below.

Just over a month ago, during a discussion about breast cancer awareness month, I made a promise to my readers.  I promised to make a donation to a good “pink” cause.

A few weeks ago, I made good on my promise, at least in a small way. Trust me, it wasn’t much money, but I sent a check to The Foundation for Ellis Medicine for the Neil and Jane Golub Breast Care Center.  Why there? Primarily because it’s local, and I’m a big fan of making a difference locally. The center is located at Bellevue Woman’s Center where our second son was born.  Bellevue also looked after my wife overnight after she was in a nasty car accident during the pregnancy.

One of my grad school classmates works for The Foundation for Ellis Medicine.  A month ago, I spoke with her about the possibility of donating to Ellis.  She was passionate about her work and the positive impact that it has on the community.  I was up front that my donation would be small. Still, she treated me as an important donor, even taking the time to send me an e-mail thanking me for the donation.

On a related not, I’m still pondering a comment from last month’s post made by my mother:

Not all important contributions have to be financial. Find a family that has a lot of energy focused on chemo treatments and mow their lawn or a mom who’s weak after surgery and help her kids make their halloween costumes.


Any thoughts about how to go about doing something like that in the Capital District?

12/5/10 Update:  I received a wonderful thank-you letter from Ellis Medicine in the mail yesterday.  Looks like it was personally signed, not just a form letter.  I’m a big fan of the thank-you letter or card!

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  1. Awesome Wade!


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