Too much pink, too little, or just right?

Does anyone else have a switch on their back marked “good” and “evil”?  I think mine is stuck somewhere in the middle leaving me a bit cynical and sarcastic.  Personally, I blame it on GM.  Regardless of the reason, I’m not sure I’ve done my best job recently in thinking before I speak… or write.

Case in point:  a couple weeks ago, I made a rather non-PC comment on Facebook that the level of “pink” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month was a little over the top.  I took some well-deserved and good-natured heat for the comment.  The comments did get me thinking, though.  Perhaps what I should have asked was whether or not there can be too much of a good thing.

Is there some level of “pink” that will have a detrimental effect?  Is there a point where people will be turned off by the activities designed to raise awareness?  I certainly think it’s possible.  I’m all for raising awareness, but I’m also for raising funds to support a cause.

Tonight I commented, all in good fun, on a friend’s Facebook profile picture that had been turned all pink.  Very pink.  Really pink.  And even though I commented on the pic, I also want her to know that I respect her for making a strong statement.  She encouraged me to change my profile pic, too.  I countered that I could use my pink highlighter to color my grey hairs pink…  except that I had forgotten that I had used up my pink highlighter.  Seriously.  Dang college textbooks.  (Side note: I ran my yellow highlighter dry, too.  I’m using orange these days.)

I don’t plan on changing my profile pic.  But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to show my support.

For the remainder of the month, (I know… only a few more days), I have changed my blog’s header to display pink text.  I think it shows support without overdoing it.

More importantly, I feel that I should support the cause financially. Therefore, I do want to donate some money to the cause.  Now, it won’t be much because our family budget is very tight right now.  (Another side note:  we do give 10% of our income to charitable organizations.  I highly recommend it.)

Even so, I want to donate a few more bucks to a good cause.

So, I’m asking for help from my small group of readers.  What trustworthy and impactful organization would you choose to donate to, in this, the month of pink?

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  1. Lee Abbott

     /  October 26, 2010

    Not all important contributions have to be financial. Find a family that has a lot of energy focused on chemo treatments and mow their lawn or a mom who’s weak after surgery and help her kids make their halloween costumes.

  2. Wade this is a wonderful, wonderful post. Hitting the like button was simply not strong enough. It brought tears to my eyes. I guess all the pink finally wore you down. Just an observation. <<<>>> I love Lee’s comments. I think that you are going to make your readers want to help the cause. It had that effect on me.

    • Thanks Alicia. I’m not sure it was the color pink that wore me down, but certainly the comments and discussion about it are pretty meaningful.

      One favor, though Alicia… can you remind me next year, earlier in the month, to change my blog header text to pink?

  3. Kenny Abbott

     /  October 31, 2010

    I think that this is an article that everyone should look at. I am not opposed to Breast Cancer awareness campaigns but is it focused in the right area? This article suggests otherwise.

    • Wow. That’s a thought-provoking piece. Maybe we should be putting our money into researching better diagnostic tools.

      Not that I want to see an end to awareness campaigns entirely, although the article seems to lean that way. I’ve got asthma, and my allergist and family doctor both encourage me to be aware of my status and symptoms. I know that’s not cancer, but I think that the same lessons on health awareness still apply.


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