Pumpkin Thievery – Rotten to the Core


Who would want to steal this?


I’m ticked.  Annoyed.  Angry.  Sickened.

Some poor excuse for a decent human being stole two pumpkins.  They smashed a third, but only because it was thoroughly rotten on the bottom.  Well, at least they had the decency to throw it on the driveway, and not on one of the cars.  And they did leave me with three more, including our largest.

I’ll give the punk thief (thieves?) credit.  They had guts.  Both cars were in the driveway, and the porch light was on.  Trust me, it’s a bright light.

You know what, if they had been pumpkins that I bought at some store, I probably wouldn’t be so annoyed.  However, most of our pumpkins came from our own little pumpkin patch in the backyard.  These were pumpkins that we watched grow.  Tim planted the seeds.  We watered the garden together.  They weren’t terribly big, so our two big pumpkins came from Grandma and Grandpa’s pumpkin patch.  One of ’em, Danny’s pumpkin, was stolen.  Fortunately, Tim’s big pumpkin survived.  I moved that one to the back porch for its safety.  Sheesh.

Here’s our yard before:

Here’s the aftermath:

Needless to say, I’m miffed.  Tim is very upset.  I suppose this will be a good lesson for him in the importance of respecting other peoples’ property.  But I think I could get that lesson across without the help of some disrespectful punks.

I’ll be able to replace the missing smaller pumpkins with the last two pumpkins from our pumpkin patch.  And Grandma has already found a new pumpkin for Danny.  So, our world will be back in order shortly.

Enough venting.  I’ve gotta clean pumpkin goo off the driveway.

But I hope it takes all day for the punks to clean the rotten goo off their hands.

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