Grad School: A Four-year-old’s Perspective

What happened to the frequent blog posts?

The short answer is grad school.  My fourth semester at The College of Saint Rose started again on August 30th.  It’s going to be another busy semester.

A few days before classes started, I was online and grumbling as I tracked the shipment of my remaining textbooks for the semester.  My four-year-old must have seen that I needed an attitude adjustment.  He padded quietly in bare feet across the carpet of my “man cave,”  (that’s the really messy room where I store all my stuff).

“Dad,” he asked, “are you getting ready for school?”  I nodded in the affirmative, and he stood silently next to my chair as I clicked the mouse. A moment later, he put his hand on my shoulder, patted it, and said, “I’m sure you will do a great job with all the crafts you make at school.”

I smiled and relaxed a bit.

It makes sense.  To him, school should be about doing crafts, singing songs, reading stories, playing outside and napping.

When I told him that we don’t “do crafts” in college, he frowned a bit.  I could see the wheels turning in his head.  But then, his eyes brightened. “Oh well,”  he said,  “I hope you have fun learning more about the Golden Knight.”

That one made me laugh and give him a hug.

To explain, Saint Rose’s sports mascot is the “Golden Knight.”  My son sees it pictured on my student ID whenever I open my wallet.  Perfectly logical.

I will try to remember that story this semester, especially when things get stressful.

With another semester upon me, I will do my best to keep up with the blog.  I still plan to wrap up my perspective on the History of the Albany Tea Party.  I’ve got a number of Profiles of the Extraordinary to write.  And something tells me that there will be plenty of political fodder to write about in the next couple of months.  Maybe I’ll even add a post or two about my grad school experiences.

I’ll admit, though, I occasionally wish that nap time was part of the graduate curriculum.

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  1. I like the “nap time” suggestion!


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