BEST book I’ve read this summer!

Well… maybe the second best.  I’ll admit that I’m a bit biased about the best book.  (Voices of the Tea Party by Steve Ference.)  After all, I was interviewed for that one.

I’m not usually a book reviewer, but I’ve gotta write about this one: Where the Mild Things Are: A Very Meek Parody.  Yesterday we were in the library for the weekly story hour.  It’s also the time where we peruse the library shelves to borrow our weekly quota of six new books and two DVD’s. Typically, I start with the shelf of new kids’ books.  And sitting on top, was this book… clearly a parody of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are.

Since the boys and I often read Sendak’s classic story at bedtime, I couldn’t resist grabbing this book by Maurice Send-up.  (I’m liking it already!)  As I casually flipped the pages, I realized that it was the book for me, not so much for the kiddos.

You see, it stars a monster named “Mog” who doesn’t like excitement. Instead, he journeys to “Dullsville.”  It’s a town inhabited by some familiar faces.  Three of the characters, called “mild creatures,” look an awful lot like Martha Stewart, Bill Gates, and Jay Leno.  Then there’s my favorite:  a certain Vice President who is known for his environmental activism, for the invention of the internet, for losing a presidential bid, and for having the personality of a pine tree.  Ya’ know who I’m writing about.

I don’t want to give up too much of the story, but I must share one of my favorite quotes:

The mild creatures made Mog the President of Dullsville.  The very boring man was elected Vice President.  Again.

I read the book before bedtime last night, just not to the kids.  Both my wife and I laughed all the way through.  Heck, the kids might even like it, though they’ll wonder why Dad keeps laughing while reading it.

I’m putting it on my Christmas list.  It’s one for the coffee table.

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  1. Gina

     /  August 17, 2010

    Wade I love reading your posts. I can hear you speaking with every word!

    • Thanks Gina! I truly appreciate it, especially since you were the person who gave me the kick-in-the-pants… uhhhh, I mean encouragement to start blogging.

      Hope things are going well for you!


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