Rangel-itis: It could be real.

I spent Thursday sick.  (That’s why there was no blog post.)  It was some sort of stomach bug that caught me off guard.

I think I’ve figured out exactly why I got sick.  My theory is that I contracted a somewhat rare, but fortunately short-lived political virus.  It was likely triggered by good ol’ Congressman Charlie Rangel’s Wednesday night birthday party.  (In reality, it was a fundraiser.  Rangel’s birthday is in June.)  Currently Rangel is facing some serious ethics charges, and likely a House trial.  But a little-bitty ethical concern isn’t going to stop a politician like Rangel from throwing a shin-dig.  Neither will it stop other politicians and supporters from paying big bucks to cozy up to him.  According to an August 11th New York Times article, here’s a short list of my “favorite” politicians who attended Rangel’s fundraiser:

So I figure that in some strange way, I spent Thursday sick to my stomach due to “Rangel-itis.”  I suppose though, it may have had more to do with cleaning up after my sick two-year old…  but I digress.

Just reading the story about the party/fundraiser definitely turns my stomach.  It shouldn’t surprise me that there are so many people out there that want to be close to political power, no matter how unethical. Personally, I’d much rather rub elbows with an Ordinary Citizen than a Rangel any day.

In all fairness, a number of politicians did not attend Rangel’s party. Apparently they did not want to be associated too closely with Rangel during the upcoming election.  According to the Times article:

The timing of Mr. Rangel’s party could not have been worse for many Democrats across the state: they face a brutal campaign climate. Many complained that the event, a few weeks before their party’s primary, had forced them to choose between their allegiance to a venerable colleague and their own shot at re-election this fall.

“Venerable colleague?”  Really?  I feel so sorry for them.

Aww great… now I feel sick again.

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  1. GL

     /  August 14, 2010

    Great, now I’m sick too! They all have to go. I was never a fan of term limits until recently. I used to fall into the “what if we get a really good guy?” position, but A-chances are that will never happen, and B-the chances are far greater that term limits will check corruption than unseat a good guy. For every one good guy(or gal) who has to retire, I foresee hundreds of bad guys fading into the sunset. The same logic for term limits on the presidency should still hold true for congress.

    • You make an excellent argument for term limits. I still find myself hoping that politicians will take the George Washington approach: self-imposed term limits. However, that seems to be wishful thinking. Unfortunately, the only way I see of changing that is to get enough people elected who would support term limits. Not an easy task.

      Now, “doctor’s” orders are to ignore everything “Rangel” for the day, say “throw the bums out” three times, and I believe you’ll be cured of any “Rangel-itis.”

  2. Put a tag in for summer stomach flu or some such thing. I get a hit a day on that tag alone from when I blogged about a stomach flu in July.


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