Door-to-door for Deb Busch

Going door-to-door.  For a political candidate no less.  I first did that last summer.  I played a small role in gathering signatures to get a “No New Tax Party” line established on the ballot for the 2009 town board elections in Rotterdam, NY.  A year ago, I’ll admit that I viewed it with trepidation. What if someone yelled at me?  What if someone slammed the door in my face?  But it was the next logical step in my new-found political activism. Turns out that it wasn’t so bad.  Matter of fact, I even enjoyed it.

Unfortunately I have not been able to dedicate much time to knocking on doors this year.  Until today.  Today I collected signatures for Deborah Busch.  She’s running for New York’s 104th District Assembly seat.  I spent five hours going door-to-door in Guilderland, NY.  I know that the 28 signatures that I collected are going to help a great candidate.  It’s not much, but every signature counts.

I have been impressed by Busch on those occasions where I have seen her speak.  She is intelligent, energetic, and passionate about fixing dysfunctional New York State.  She is new to the political arena.  Last year she garnered 44% of the vote in an election for Albany County Coroner. With minimal help, Busch went door-to-door and shocked the political pundits with the electoral results.  I am impressed that Busch stepped up her 2010 campaign to the state level.

As I told the people I met today, merely electing Busch will save New York State upwards of $90,000 a year.  You see, her incumbent opponent, John J. McEneny, is “double dipping.”  McEneny was able to retire from his legislative “job” at age 65.  He has continued in his current postion, all the while collecting a regular paycheck and a hefty pension.  It is perfectly legal, but I question the ethics of the practice.  For more details check out this 2009 article from the New York Times.

Furthermore, McEneny has served in his current position for about 17 years.  Prior to that he spent much of his career in other public service positions.  In my view, it’s time for McEneny to truly retire.  Who better to replace him than Busch?

You might ask why any of this matters?  After all, most of this blog’s readers do not live in NY’s 104th Assembly District.  In my view it provides examples of how the Ordinary Citizen can make a difference:

  1. Ordinary Citizens, like Busch, can challenge long-time incumbents.
  2. Other Ordinary Citizens can help with the campaigns and truly make a difference.

How are you making a difference politically?  I’d love to hear about it!

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