Return of the Soda Tax Proposal – Again!

It shouldn’t be a surprise.  After all, we are all too fat because of the soda that we drink.

Never fear, though.  Governor David Paterson has not given up on his quest to raise money, oops… I mean fight obesity. He just called the New York State Legislature back for an “Extraordinary Session.” Check out this post from the State of Politics blog.  It contains a list of agenda items the governor is providing to the legislature.  About halfway down the list you’ll notice the following:

 - An amended version of the so-called “fat tax” on sugary beverages.

It was the term “amended” that caught my eye.  So I clicked on the link embedded in the statement above.  It takes you to the governor’s web site that describes the proposal.  Interestingly, it takes the diet soda vs. regular soda debate a step further.  Not only does this add tax to regular soda, it now removes local and state sales tax from bottled water and diet drinks. Don’t worry, the loss of tax revenue will be covered by the new soda tax. Oh, and you high-calorie coffee and tea drinkers are now on the hook, too. Join us soda drinkers on the naughty list.

Just what we need: an increasingly complex tax code.  Just what we need: more government intrusion.

Bottom line… I’m sick of money grabs and I’m sick of this governor (and government in general) telling me that I am too stupid to manage my own life.  What’s next?  Mandated purchases of treadmills?

Pffffft.  That sound you just heard, well it’s me opening a cold Coke.  Not diet either.  Don’t worry Gov. Paterson, I’ll burn the calories later tonight as I work on my latest landscaping project.

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  1. GL

     /  July 27, 2010

    I don’t know where things stand now, but I remember when I first heard about the soda tax, a so called ‘fat tax’. At the same time, a tax on gym memberships was proposed. Now that says it all doesn’t it? Not about ‘fat’ at all. Also, someone needs to raise a stink about this ‘fat vs. health’ issue. Diet soda may not make you fat, but it’s far from healthy. With the carbonation that still can lead to tooth decay, and artificial sweeteners, diet soda is not fitting the bill for a good choice. But that’s really not the issue. The real issue is control. Well, actually it’s about a drowning state trying desperately to raise revenue and it is so brazen and scared that it’s okay with disguising the money grab with the concept that they want to control your life. If they’re leading with a proposal making the argument for elitist control over the dumb masses who probably can’t tie their own shoes because they are so stupid, you know the situation is dire.

    • Good points. I think people see the words “low-calorie” or “diet” and think that they’re good for you. I had not even considered the issues of tooth decay… that’s an excellent point. Very similar to the situation between trans-fats and non trans-fats.

      Ultimately, all of this “care” for our health is likely a smokescreen for a money grab by most politicians.


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