The way things should be done.

I get pretty heated when it comes to politics.  That’s especially true when writing about overtaxation, intrusive government, career politicians and political corruption.  But I’ll be the first to admit that I occasionally need a break from politics.

Today, I need one of those breaks.

There is a trait that I admire in many people and in many organizations.  It is the willingness to help others in need.  Gilda’s Club Capital Region New York does just that.  They provide support to people facing the challenges of cancer.  They extend that support to their families and friends.  And they do it free of charge.

In my recently completed Social Media class at The College of Saint Rose, we had the opportunity to create and update some social media tools for Gilda’s Club.  I truly enjoy working on grad school projects that have practical applications.  This project was one of the best.  The class split into various groups focused on different social media tools.  Those tools included creating a Twitter account, updating a Facebook page, establishing a LinkedIn group, and linking it all together.  Personally, I had the honor of incorporating my classmates’ ideas into a blog for Gilda’s Club.

Working with a great group of classmates was inspirational.  Everybody took an active role in creating these tools for Gilda’s Club.  Looking back, it reminds me just how effective a group of ordinary citizens can become.

I am following Gilda’s Club on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.  I’ve added the Gilda’s Club blog to my blogroll, and I look forward to seeing it updated down the road.  I’ve also added the blogs of a number of my classmates and my instructor’s newly created blog.  Check ’em out when you get a chance.

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  1. Sharkkles

     /  June 26, 2010

    Nice post! It is really great of you to give Gilda’s a shoutout. Sometimes people forget that ordinary people can make an impact, but this shows how easy it can be. I thought they seemed excited about our work, and am looking forward to seeing them post updates too.

    • It was pretty easy, wasn’t it? It was a decent amount of work, but the group cooperation was fantastic.

      Your comment brought another thought to mind. I know so much of my blog and my opinions focus on politics, and those issues can be quite divisive. I was initially afraid that my political views might get me ostracized in grad school. That didn’t happen. I’ve been happy that we can share various opinions amongst our classmates, disagree in certain areas, and still accomplish our group tasks for school. That’s the way it should be.

      • Sharkkles

         /  June 27, 2010

        We had such a great class this semester. Group projects rarely go as smoothly as this one did, IMHO.

        I’m glad you feel like you can share your opinions without them being discarded. One of the reasons I love studying communication is because we’re always communicating. Listening to and understanding another person’s viewpoint can bring something to the table that might not be there otherwise. You have strong views on politics, but others may not – so hearing your opinions might’ve got someone thinking about something that they might not have thought about before, or in that way.

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