Ridiculous Revenue Raisers

More taxes.  It’s just what New Yorkers need.  After all, not enough people have left the state, and not enough businesses have gone belly-up.

The latest budget rumors include increases in sales taxes, particularly clothing.  Or perhaps a return to the ol’ favorite: the sugar tax.

Want to learn more?  You can listen to Governor Paterson on the video below that was posted to YouTube by the State of Politics blog.

I’ll bet dollars to overtaxed doughnuts that we’ll see some version of another massive tax increase, soda, sales or otherwise, in the budget or next budget extender.  These extender bills have become nothing more than an opportunity for our governor and legislature to pass unpopular legislation.  Why?  Because they are nearly incapable of creating a state budget and none of them want to be accused of shutting down government.

Want to create a state budget and kill the state’s future?  How ’bout these ridiculous revenue raising ideas (they’re mine):

  • Mandatory participation in the state lottery.  Every New York resident must buy one Lotto ticket and three scratch-off’s each week.
  • Raise the state income tax to federal levels.  Why shouldn’t the state get as much as the feds?
  • Mandatory use of E-ZPass.  Set up readers at every stoplight and collect a nickel toll automatically.  Plus you could probably use the technology to automatically issue tickets if someone is speeding through the intersection or runs a red light.

Wouldn’t those ideas be great?  What better way to solve the budget crisis than by bankrupting all the businesses and ordinary citizens living in the state.

[Turning sarcasm setting to “off”]

Here’s the scary thought:  many legislators would probably look at these ideas and say, “Great thought!”

What “ridiculous revenue raising” ideas would you propose?  The government needs your help!

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