Social Media Education. At an Amusement Park?

You may have heard of Physics Days at various amusement parks.  They are fairly common.  Those are the days where students study physics as they ride roller coasters and spinning rides.  It’s a great way to learn about gravitational force, momentum, kinetic & potential energy, and centrifugal force.  (Sorry… that’s my engineering background sneaking in.)  Who knew that the same teaching techniques could be applied to Social Media?

I was looking for a company to research for a social media audit project for my social media class.  Because I love roller coasters, I happened to take a look at The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom’s Facebook page.  I stumbled across one of their upcoming events called “Social Media Day.”  Students use social media to learn about The Great Escape’s social media marketing methods.  It’s a great concept!  I am curious to learn more about its effectiveness and popularity.  Does the park learn as much from the participants as they do from the park?

Enter here to learn about social media!

Most likely, I will be researching The Great Escape for my social media audit project.  I’ve barely begun to scratch the surface of social media in the amusement park industry, and I am already surprised at how much information is out there.  For example I found an article by Chad Emerson on  Emerson reported on social media ideas from the perspective of Cindy Gordon, formerly Vice President of Public Relations/New Media at Universal Orlando Resort.  I also came across a blog called “The Merchant Stand from Bob Williams.”  Check out Williams’ social media suggestions for the amusement park industry in a recent blog post here.  I found both of these sources after quick searches on Google.  This should be a fun project!

It's not just a ride. It's a social media opportunity.

My next task:  convincing our professor to hold an upcoming class at the base of the Comet‘s lift hill.

Learn about social media... right here!

Might be a great way to learn about the [ahem] ups and downs of social media.

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  1. Cute. 😉


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