Origination of a Tea Party

History of the 2009 Albany Tax Day Tea Party – Part I

The 2009 Albany Tax Day Tea Party deserves to have its history documented.  This blog attempts to do just that.  I encourage you to add your comments, especially if you were involved in the 2009 Albany Tax Day Tea Party as a volunteer or attendee.

The idea for a rally existed well in advance of the popularization of the modern tea party.  For New York’s Capital District, it was Al Roney’s talk radio show that provided the inspiration. (By the way… stay tuned for a future blog post focused strictly on Al Roney.)  Interestingly, a rally was not an idea pushed by Al, at least not initially.  During the last half of 2008 many of Al’s listeners, including myself, increasingly called for one.

The cries for protest came not from folks that typically engage in such action.  Most of them had never attended a political rally.  But they had reached their limit.  They were upset with taxes and fees constantly on the rise.  They were sick of politicians of both parties looking first to themselves rather than to their constituents.  They wanted to stand up to corrupt career politicians.  They desired an end to the intrusive nanny state.  They wanted Constitutional government.  So they asked Al Roney for help, both on the air and via the newly created “Al Roney Listeners” Facebook page.  Al came through for his listeners.  (By the way, I would link to Al’s listeners page, but it no longer exists.  See my previous post for more information.)

In late February 2009 Al suggested a rally for April 1st.  April Fools Day.  However, upon investigation of the tasks necessary to create a rally, we realized that it would take more than a month to put one together.  So, what better day than April 1st to protest the fools in DC and Albany?  It turns out, that better day was April 15th.

Tax Day.  And Tea Parties.  In early March 2009 Al and his listeners discussed the arrival of a loose network of tea parties being planned in cities across the country.  Albany joined the mix, and this is where I began my involvement in earnest.

More to come in Part II with the beginnings of the revolution…

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  1. rachel woods

     /  April 16, 2010

    Wade: You’re a great american and I was very proud to help with last year’s tea party. It opened my eyes to alot of thing and definately got me over my fear of speaking my mind in front of people. Last year’s tea party was a family affair for me(you as well). My husband, sister, my children and my sister’s children all had a front row seat when it was my turn to speak. I could not have been more proud to have them sitting there. In fact when we started planning a protest in my home town two weeks ago my older daughter started yelling “FREEDOM”. Thank you Al Roney!!! And thanks to both of you for helping me learn how to protest. We may save our campground yet.

    I am very sorry I will miss the tea party this year. We have long standing plans for this weekend. I know it will go as well or if not better then last year.
    Sincerely, Rachel Woods

    • Thanks Rachel. You did a great job last year! You were one of the original volunteers that I’ll be talking about it my next post.


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