Ordinary Frustration

Defining the Ordinary Citizen-Part II (Part I is available here.)

Do you ever yell or grumble at your TV?  I do.  For me it can be during a hockey game: “Shoot the puck, shoot the puck!”  Most often, it’s during the news, watching the latest reports about our representatives.  My wife reminds me that only she and the kids can hear me.  Still, it is cathartic, much like this blog.

Given the success of last year’s Tax Day Tea Parties, I suspect that many others share my concerns.  I think there are plenty of Ordinary Citizens who want to be heard.  They are tired of politicians speaking sweetly in their ears prior to an election, and once elected, ignoring them until the next campaign.  We are all disgusted with leaders who claim they have integrity, but their actions scream otherwise.  Do Paterson, Rangel, or Bruno ring any bells?  We are sick of corruption, high taxes, wasteful spending and over-reaching government.

Here is another portion of my “Ordinary Citizen” speech from last year’s Albany Tax Day Tea Party.  It describes the frustration of the Ordinary Citizen:

I am an Ordinary Citizen, and I am FED UP! We live in a state where the government tells us we need to pay more in taxes, smoke less, eat less trans-fats, pay more in fees, suck it up during these tough times, and live according to an ever-increasing list of rules.  But, oh by the way, the rules do not apply to the politicians.

The governor tells us in his budget that we need to drink less sugary sodas.  I ask you, Governor Paterson, “Who elected you my mother?”  Frankly, you lack the ethics, the morality, and the qualifications to even dream of being my mother… Perhaps I need a reminder from you to look both ways before I cross the street.  Maybe you can wake me up in the morning to keep me from being late to work.  After all, I am just an ordinary citizen.  I probably cannot tie my shoes without government help.

But I should not leave out the other branches of government… I await the call from the Legislature telling me to take out the trash.  The next time the phone rings, it could be the Judiciary telling me to pick up a gallon of milk (that’s 2% – not whole) at the grocery store on the way home from work.  Do you politicians think that you can tell me what to do better than my wife?  Forget it, she’s good at it, and she’s a heck of a lot better looking than any politician I’ve ever seen.

On top of this, you have the audacity to tell me that my taxes should increase.  With all of the waste, fraud, and abuse that come out of the buildings surrounding us, I am the one that needs to pay more?  You have the gall to hide many of these taxes in new or ever-increasing fees?  I play by the rules, I live according to a budget, I live modestly, and yet… I have to pay more to a bloated nanny-state?  I say to my government, “Get out of my life, get out of my wallet!”

Are Ordinary Citizens across this country fed up?  Are they angry?  You bet.

They are also disappointed.  Especially in their so-called leaders.  More about that topic in Defining the Ordinary Citizen – Part III.

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