Thank You Al Roney!

Bad news seems to come on cold and dreary days.  As I watch the slush build up outside, I find myself disappointed by today’s news.  Just a couple hours ago I learned that talk radio host Al Roney was let go by 810 WGY.  Replacing him will be Glenn Beck’s nationally syndicated talk show.  That means that WGY will have a big-time lineup of Beck, Limbaugh, and Hannity.  It may be big-time, but it’s lacking.  No longer will we have a talk show that provides an excellent balance of local, state, national, and international issues.  Al’s show provided that and more.

Al Roney is more than a voice on a radio.  He is arguably the man who brought passion to the Tea Party rallies in Albany.  Al motivated me to coordinate the Albany Tax Day Tea Party.  His rallying cry of “Freeeeeeeedom” last April 15th still resounds with me and many others.

Wade Abbott (left) on the air with Al Roney (right) at the April 15, 2009 Albany Tax Day Tea Party

I just happened to call in to Al’s show today, presumably his last on WGY.  (Beck’s show starts on March 1st.  I am curious about the schedule for tomorrow, but I do not have high hopes.)  If I had thought that it would be my last opportunity to speak with Al on his WGY show, I would have said something more profound: Thank You!

Al, you challenged us in many ways:  to think critically, to examine our personal beliefs, and to stand up to injustice in the corporate and political realms.  You have made your mark on the Capital District, and we are grateful.  Thank you Al!

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  1. Bad news day, indeed. I was at the Tea Party last April, too, for myself and to take photos for my column.

    Taking Al off the air is akin to putting blindfolds on us all. I can’t tell you how many stories I first heard about from Al.

    I, for one, no longer have a reason to tune in to 810.

    • I’m glad that you made it to the Tea Party last year. It was a fun event, much bigger than we anticipated.

      It was a quiet day this morning in the Abbott household. Twice I felt an urge to turn the radio on, only to remember that there would be no Al Roney. I already miss his coverage, and you’re right… so many of the stories that became important I heard first on his show.

      We are still hopeful that Al will be able to MC this year’s Tea Party on April 17th.

  1. Origination of a Tea Party « This Ordinary Citizen

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